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Ren's inner conflict continues into The Last Jedi, specifically through his conversations with Rey, with whom he connects through the Force. Rey believes that his conflict will ultimately bring him back to the light side. Ren captures her and brings her before Snoke, who orders Ren to kill her. However, Ren uses the Force to ignite a lightsaber at Snoke’s side and cut him in half, killing him. Ren beseeches Rey to join him in creating a new order, separate from the legacies created by Snoke and Luke. When Rey refuses, Ren declares himself Supreme Leader of the First Order, and orders his forces to attack the Resistance base on Crait. Ren engages Luke in battle and appears to blow him up and cut him in half, but Luke remains standing; “Luke” is revealed to be simply a vision projected from the real Luke on Ahch-To, serving as a distraction which allows the Resistance to escape from the First Order. When Luke vanishes, the First Order storms the base, but Resistance has already evacuated; he shares a final look with Rey through the Force before Rey closes the door to the Millennium Falcon and escapes with the Resistance.