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The case also attracted international attention. On 8 November 1966, Gerard Croiset, a parapsychologist and psychic from the Netherlands, was brought to Australia, causing a media frenzy. His search for the children proved unsuccessful, with his story changing from day to day and offering no clues. He identified a site in a warehouse near the children's home (and also near the Paringa Park Primary School attended by Jane and Arnna) in which he believed the children's bodies had been buried. At the time of their disappearance it had been a building site, and he said that he believed their bodies were buried under new concrete, inside the remains of an old brick kiln. The property owners, who were reluctant to excavate on the basis of a psychic's claim, soon bowed to public pressure after publicity raised $40,000 to have the building demolished. No remains, or any evidence linking to any of the Beaumont family, were found. In 1996, the building identified by Croiset was undergoing partial demolition and the owners allowed for a full search of the site. Once again no trace was found of the children.