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In 1985, George performed backing vocals to Feargal Sharkey's number one hit "A Good Heart". [citation needed] In 1986, George performed a guest-starring cameo role in an episode titled "Cowboy George" of the television series The A-Team. [citation needed] Also in 1986, Culture Club released their fourth album, From Luxury to Heartache (UK No. 10, US No. 32) which featured the hit single, "Move Away". However, word shortly began circulating in tabloids that George was addicted to drugs. [citation needed] He was arrested in Britain for possession of cannabis. [citation needed] Shortly thereafter, keyboardist Michael Rudetsky, who co-wrote the song "Sexuality" on Culture Club's From Luxury to Heartache album, was found dead of a heroin overdose in George's London home. [citation needed] Rudetsky's parents filed a wrongful death suit in Britain against George, seeking financial damages for their son's death. [citation needed] With George's drug addiction, the underwhelming performance of their last two albums, a soured romance between band members shrouded in secrecy, and a wrongful death lawsuit looming, the group ultimately disbanded. [citation needed] George won the court case against the Rudetskys and was not required to pay any monetary damages. [citation needed] He would agree to seek treatment for his addiction. [citation needed] George, however, would lose another friend, Mark Vaultier, who overdosed on methadone and Valium at a party. [citation needed] George never made it to the party. He had been arrested en route to the party on suspicion of carrying drugs. [citation needed]